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Jakob: Hello, I'm a radiocollector from Poland. I'm looking for literature, tubes radio produced in 1920s, 1930s in Poland and radio receivers mostly EBROK, ELEKTRIT, MOLOTOV factory from Minsk. I can send list of radios which I'm looking for. I buy or change for any others receivers old radiotechnic. My email address: gawroniec@interia.pl Jakub

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zenonas: Mr. Jakob - you can write here in Polish language - no problem, or maybe must better... ja mysle - niech pan pisze tutaj po Polski - to bedzie lepej :-)) ps maly blad - radio ESBROK . (u pana EBROK) http://langaitis.zenonas-old.radios.fotopic.net/p8074440.html http://langaitis.zenonas-old.radios.fotopic.net/p6623787.html

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